Monte San Pietro is acknowledged as food valley for the quality of the food offer on its territory, expressing the tradition of the Bolognese region but also encompassing the influence of the nearby province of Modena. Some of the most appreciated recipes are the following: tagliatella of Bologna, tortellini in brodo with the traditional stuffing, green lasagne alla Bolognese, tortelloni ripieni, passatelli in brodo, ragù alla Bolognese, friggione, cotoletta alla Bolognese. Our territory also offers fried crescentine and tigelle, mortadella, hand-made salami, ciccioli and cheese as well as cakes and pastries such as the most delicious rice cake, the raviole, the pinza Bolognese with mascarpone cheese. Tradition and reinterpretation combine in the creative mastery of our cooks to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Do not resist temptation … the culinary side of the trip is part of its emotions.

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Monte San Pietro is City of Wine

With 200 hectares of vineyards, Monte San Pietro is one of the seven microareas included in the product specification of the registered designation of origin Colli Bolognesi for the following wines: Pignoletto, Sauvignon, Pinot bianco, Cabernet Sauvignon and Barbera. Ad seven also are the wineries par excellence: Bonzara, Isola, Botti, Cavazza Isolani, Malcantone-Guidotti, Rivabella, Cà Beltrami. Every year Monte San Pietro is home to a must event, the Festival of the Wine of the Bolognese Hills.

Chestnuts and chestnut groves

The chestnuts groves carpeting the slopes of Mount Vignola – east of Montepastore – up to Mount Tramonto and Mount Bonzara were planted by Matilde di Canossa: this is the production area of the Marrone Biondo typical of the Bolognese region and of the "Marrone di Montepastore" cultivar, the most valuable of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

The third Sunday of October Montepastore is home to the Festival of the Roasted Chestnut.



a breve il miele

The Bolognese Hills are still an unspoilt natural environment rich in flowers and trees and ideal for bees to harvest pollen and produce honey. Chestnut honey from this area is particularly tasty and full of health properties. The wide and scented variety of flowers fosters the production of excellent Millefiori honey.

In May and June Monte San Pietro is home to the event The Routes of Honey.

Food experience

Monte San Pietro offers a wide variety of food and wine experiences.

The visitor is spoilt for choice: cooking courses for kids and adults, guided tasting sessions, visits to the production places to see the products and listen to the producer’s stories, purchase of natural local products to bring home the specialities of this region.

A full immersion experience will be the bewitching chance to see the mastery of skilled hands turn typical products into masterpieces of taste and in so doing to seize the secrets of the local culinary tradition and taste its most genuine flavours.

This is a slow territory, to be discovered little by little, stopping at farms along the path for tastings and winery visits.

For more information: Bolognese Hills Tourist Information Office.